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Wedding Cookies Favours - MMCookies

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Wedding Cookies Favours

The recipes for cookies that we have developed during the past couple of years produce results that not only taste delicious but also have a very good texture, and - although light - are solid enough to provide an ideal base for decoration.
Sweet Wedding Favours
As important as it is to master the techniques, it is equally important to use only the best ingredients avaliable, such as best quality Irish butter and organic eggs, real vanila pods and high quality nuts and preserves.
Wedding Favours
You can select from our delicious Cookie Menu:

Vanilla Cookies
Chocolate Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies
Vanilla Cookies with
Lime or Orange Zest

Almond Cookies
Price of our Delicious  cookies start from 5,50€ each and price is also depend from the pattern of the cookie.
Each cookie is packed in celophane bag and trim with the satin ribbon on the top.
Minimum order is 24 cookies of one flavour.
Hand decorated Bride and Groom
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